Mobile Shipwright Services


We will help you choose and electronics package that is right for your boat.   Chartplotters, Radars, Depth Sounders, Weather, Music, Autopilot and the supporting carpentry and fiberglass mounts to make them operational.    VHF radios with exceptional range.    Installation can make a huge difference to how Electronics Perform and how long they last.    We will back it up with our 3 year guarantee on all electronics installations.      

Electrical Power

The Main Power connections on a boat are usually in the engine room.   Waterproof Distribution Systems are more reliable, are corrosion free and last a lifetime.    We custom build electrical panels in our shop on Haley Street in Downtown Santa Barbara.   

Electrical Panels

Updating an electrical system in a boat gives a feeling of confidence that the lights will be on and you will be safe.   We use the best panels from Blue Sea Systems wired to ABYC specifications.  


Solar Power is the most liberating form of house power for a cruising sailboat.   This custom solar panel folds out, turns and pivots to angle at the sun, then tucks away for low windage during crossings.    This solar panel has worked flawlessly for 20,000 miles of cruising in the South Pacific.      


Solar, Electric and Hybrid Powertrains custom designed on Solidworks and manufactured at our facility on
Haley Street.    We will work with all new boat builders to electrify your new boat.   


A brand new hatch can really dress up your boat, get rid of leaks and make an opaque or cracked hatch transparent again.     We can replace hatches or install new hatches.   Knowing how a boat is built lets us customize a boat to give you the functionality you are looking for.   


A Powerful Windlass makes anchoring a breeze.   We engineer windlass installations to be able to handle the loads these systems encounter, handle the chain, and make them easy and safe to use.   This windlass has been in operation for a decade with 100 percent uptime.    

On Board Diagnostics

Our Subsidiary, DC-Ground specializes in refitting and new builds with On Board Diagnostics embedded into the electrical system.  This give owners a health check on every component on their boat, rapid troubleshooting of ground faults, and corrosion monitoring capabilities.   Especially useful on aluminum boats susceptible to hot harbors, work boats and cruising boats in need of 100 percent uptime in their operations.  

Mobile Toolboat Service

We have completed large jobs in marinas from San Diego to San Francisco.    


Above the Waterline is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council.   The Owner, James Lambden is an ABYC Marine Electrical Technician.   All of the work that we perform is done to ABYC Standards.