Every Project has a Design Phase.   It may happen quickly, it may take some time, depending mostly on the complexity of the project.   

Each component on a boat relates to other components on the boat.   The component at minimum relies on the structure of the boat for its mount.   More complex components are integrated with other systems on the boat.   A windlass is powered by electricity, but handles the rode.    A chart plotter requires input from various sensors, yet requires power and ground.    How all of the components inter relate is a determinate of how good a boat is built.  

When designing a component from scratch, we must be cognizant of the external connections to the external systems, as well as design products that are compact, functional, easy to service, reliable, tough and strong.   Cooling must be provided for engines and motors.    

For projects that require a high quality fit and finish, in a compact enclosure, we utilize Solid Modeling Programming by Solidworks.    

Our Design Team has made Electric Motors, Diesel Generators, Battery Enclosures, Farm Equipment, DC Distribution,  Car Parts, and Articulating Composites.    We have sponsored several University Level Projects and we continue our educational efforts by sharing our projects on this website.    

Above the Waterline Plans to Build Boats, from the keel up, as electric or hybrid.   We will entertain any project from 20 feet to 100 feet in length.      

Above the Waterline's Concept Boat is a highly functional design that will lead the way in how boats are built and systems are integrated to accomplish increased functionality for improving the life aboard near shore and blue water yachts.