Electricity is essential.   Electricity can safely and efficiently power everything on a boat.    The quality of an electrical installation determines the safety, efficiency, power and storage of this valuable resource. 

The Electrical System on a boat comprises:
  • Batteries
  • Charging Sources
  • DC Distribution
  • AC Distribution
  • Isolation from Electrical Interference
  • Grounding
  • Corrosion Control / Mitigation
  • Lightning Mitigation
There are many ways that an electrical system can be installed.   Some of these ways may work, but over time may become dangerous or completely unreliable.    It is the installers job to make sure that an electrical system can stand the test of time, while being safe and efficient for every day of operation.

Electrical Systems require maintenance.   Batteries have to be replaced periodically.   Above the Waterline specializes in building minimal maintenance electrical systems with long service intervals.    They batteries we install routinely last more than a decade.   This is accomplished by our attention to detail in all aspects of an electrical installation.   

A selection of Electrical Installations is included in the submenus of this page.