Installing electronics has become easier over the years.     There is much more plug and play in the various components.    And the electronics have become tougher, and built better than those of yesteryear.    

A good electronics install will stand the test of time, and that is where a professional installation can help.    

  • Electronics often require mounting which requires woodworking, stainless, aluminum or fiberglass fabrication.   
  • Electronics require a clean ground to operate properly.    Most grounds on boats are mixed in with the engine block which is frequently used as the negative return path for the alternator.   Alternators create a lot of noise from brushes that are continuously arcing.    Clean grounds can be obtained by dedicated electronics through hull with a filter to the boats main grounding system.  
  • Electronics function best with a dedicated electronics battery or isolated DC power supply.
  • Electronics suffer from low voltage if the wires that power them are too long or too small.  
  • Mast mounted electronics are susceptible to lightning damage, which can be mitigated with a good installation.
  • How electronics are interfaced with grounding systems, lightning systems, and the power distribution system all matter to the long and reliable operation of electronics.   
Properly functioning electronics are essential to the safe operation of a boat near land, across shipping lanes and any ocean crossing.