Above the Waterline has been building Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems for 15 years under the brand names Propulsion Marine and Electroprop.    ATW can custom build an Electric, Serial Hybrid or Parallel Hybrid for your next new boat build.   ATW occasionally converts diesel boats to electric or hybrid, if the weight distribution improves the stability of the boat, and there is adequate room for the additional components.    

We have lots of experience with traditional diesels, working extensively with Kubota Engines and Beta Marine.   

Most diesels come with inadequate or non-existent gages.   We are a dealer for Murphy Gages, the best marine gage on the market today.    Our custom made Murphy gage panels have alarms that alert the captain of a failure condition so the captain can make alternative actions to save the diesel.   

Diesel Fuel requires conditioning to prevent microbe growth building up and clogging the filters while underway.   The best way to condition the fuel is to have twin Racor filters, a Walbro pass through diesel pump and two diesel tanks of the same size.   When the fuel on board is half full, all of the contents of the fuel can be transferred through the filters from one tank to the other.   Once all the diesel on board has been filtered, the boat can then fill the tanks.