Re-Wiring a boat is necessary when too many boat owners have added onto previous boat owners installations and the system has not been expanded properly for the additional electrical gear.     Typical signs of this are crowded battery posts with more than 3 wires connected, inadequate fusing, inadequate busbars, improper grounding.    

An intuitive interface usually determining how well a system is wired.    A nicely laid out system has very few wires crossing other wires.    Polarities are grouped together.    Everything is labelled.     

Complete Rewires, when everything is taken apart, and then put back together, require commissioning, and full testing of all equipment, including the batteries and charging systems.    

Power management is an important part of all Re-Wiring.    Being able to determine when a generator needs to start, if an alternator is putting out the regular current,  the state of charge of the batteries, and other information is important for the safe operation of the vessel.