The Freedom of Solar Energy

Solar Energy enables a better yachting lifestyle.   In Lower Latitudes, Solar is powerful enough to become the main source of energy for small sailboats, and the primary source of energy for house systems on larger sailboats.     Solar Systems can be fixed mount or movable on one, two or three axis for the highest power output.  

We prefer to use either Victron or Midnite Solar Charge Controllers.    We have worked on Solar Projects with Midnite for over 2 decades, and really like their equipment.   Victron has its advantages if there are other Victron Components on the boat, so all components can talk on the same data bus, and display data on the same display.   

For Solar Arrays operating above 50 VDC, we offer ground fault protection breakers.   This usually does not apply to 12 volt house systems.    Solar Arrays for Propulsion Drives require higher voltage arrays for charging 48 volt battery packs where this is highly recommended.   

All solar installations require adequate fusing or circuit breakers.   House Batteries and DC Distribution may require updating to accommodate a solar installation. 

Please check through the sub links on the drop down menu for details on different solar installations.