Systems Integration

  • Aluminum or Fiberglass Yachts, Research Vessels and Commercial Boats
  • Electric Propulsion Integration
  • Hybrid Propulsion Integration
  • On Board Diagnostics Integration
  • Electronics Installation
  • Full Vessel Commissioning and Setup
  • Customizing anything on a new boat to the Customer's Satisfaction
  • Personalizing the Style of a new boat
  • Commissioning upon arrival.   

High Efficiency House System for Diesel Boats

Above the Waterline will work with any willing existing builder to design a house system upgrade with larger batteries, DC Generator, AC Generator with High Output Chargers,  Embedded Safety and Diagnostic Systems,  Fixed Mount or Adjustable Solar,  Wind Genators,  and other key upgrades that reduce generator run time while on anchorage. 

New Boat Conversions to Electric / Hybrid

Above the Waterline will work with you to find a Builder that will convert an existing design to electric or hybrid.       Weight is required be placed low and central in the boat, to enhance the boat's stability.   Interiors may need to be modified to accommodate the additional equipment and batteries required by electric and hybrid yachts.  

New Electric or Hybrid  Boat Design / Build 

Above the Waterline will design your new fiberglass or aluminum boat for you, from the keel up, and then work with your naval architect and boat builder to build the boat to a mutually agreed upon design.   We have the capability to design the hull and interior with 3D Computer Solid Modeling and can have many of the parts, including the mold for the hull itself, printed.   The printed mold is then finished, and a part is taken from the Mold.   

Scroll down for Above the Waterine's -  Strategic Yacht Concept Expedition Yacht

Designed to be the most capable Expedition Yacht ever built.   

Strategic Yacht is designed in Solidworks and can be viewed on request.   

This is a 5 Million Dollar Build with many novel technologies integrated into the build.   The Vessel has an overall length of 74 feet.    Patent Positions will be available and can be shared with the 1st client.    Its an exciting time to build electric and hybrid yachts with extended capabilities.