Teak and Holly Floor

Rebuilding a Teak and Holly Floor

The Original Floors on this boat were compromised because the wood was not protected with a coating.   The bare wood became subject to mold.   To remedy this situation, all the wood floors were removed and then copied onto new teak and holly plywood.      The holly stripes had to be aligned.    No two pieces of teak are alike, so the darker pieces were bleached before a two part linear polyurethane was applied to the top coating.    The natural dust in the original teak migrated to the surface of the polyurethane, making a perfect, transparent non-skid, which is absolutely essential for interior flooring.    Each board was coated on the back with epoxy and all the edges were covered with epoxy.    Some of the subfloors were replaced and additional bracing was added.   

The final product achieved a level of perfection far beyond the original manufacturer had provided.     Click through the slideshow to see the process and some of the methods used in the construction of this beautiful floor.   

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